Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why are there so many people on our team?

We have a HUGE team. There are so many of us because we have so many areas to serve. We prepare patients for meeting with "The Great Physician," God. We minister to children and show them love and attention that they may not receive everyday. We have ministered to the pastors here by providing an opportunity to speak with other ministers in the community and from the United States. In the clinic, we have provided dentistry and optometry. We prescribe medicines in our "pharmacy," and do minor surgeries. There are so many roles in the clinic, that without a large team, we would never be able to accomplish the things that we do.~ Amber

Today, I had to tell my first patient that she is HIV positive. She was concerned about her baby because she is currently breastfeeding. The situation seemed hopeless but at the end of the day, she accepted Christ. Through an interpreter, we told her that her body may be sick but she now has eternity with God and is healed from her sickness in sin. I realized that we may have to tell our patients bad news but in the end, telling them about Jesus makes it all worthwhile.~ Brandi

Everyday in Badplass brings new challenges, new adventures, and new service projects to our team's ministry. In addition to our team's ministers sharing their leadership skills, the medical education team working with local health providers, several of our team members were asked by local wildlife managers to help in an unusual, but much needed service to Badplass. Over the years wildlife managers in the area have done such a great job preserving the natural beauty of their bush and wild game that they are overpopulated and threatening the "natural progression" of the species. Today, Pastor "slayer" Josh Surratt, Chad "steady hand" Robinson, and myself, Mason "Sniper"Hicks, had the AWESOME opportunity to cull an overpopulated herd of blesbok, a wild bush animal similar to an antelope. We were personally invited, by local game officials, to join them on a hunt in the African bush. Josh, Chad, and I each took one blesbok with a long rifle. After the hunt, we donated the meat (over 350 lbs.) to a local food shelter. It is estimated that these animals will feed over 100 hungry families in the local community. In addition to fulfilling a local wildlife need, we sucessfully completed one more mission for the village of Badplass. Not to mention, make our friends and family really jealous! Wish you all could see how beautiful this place is! God is truly working here; through nature, through us, and through the local people!


  1. I thought you all were medicating! Nice job guys. I hope you get a chance to taste how the locals cook. I'm sure it is tasty. Hi Annelise, I love you,DAD

  2. Hello all!
    You guys are a great example, to humanity, of the difference in the world that can be made by those who choose to follow God’s calling..
    Thank you to each of you and God Bless you.

    Please let Jamie Rudisill know that her family and friends say Hi! - and that we love and miss her and are encouraged to know that she hasn’t been taken off by any wild animals. Her Mom will be happy to know a few of her fellow team members are armed and capable of fending off any formidable creatures:)

    Thanks again,

  3. I read all the letters from your group. Amber...your's is the miricle of #'s and miricles of people. Brandi, your's is opportunity certainly blessed by Christ. I am especially proud of Surrett, Robinson, and Mason for posting their pic / throphy. Many will flinch, anyone who has been hungry understands. Remember these animals are a crop of survival. They will be harvested at every season. I know our group will have seen and eaten many different animals...girafe, elephant, lizard, snake, etc..and may never know...! This is a total emersion in the culture. Love ya all, Dad

  4. Ok. I was already jealous of you guys and now it's over the top. Nice shot "slayer" Surratt. You are making me a proud big brother. Love all of the posts! Keep up the great work. We are praying for you all!

  5. Keep up the great work all. Brandi, we spotted you in action above. I'm sharing all the post with nana,papa, and grandma{you know they don't do much with a computer so I printed it for them to read and see the pictures.Everyone here has all of you in their thoughts and prayers. Continue with the posting... take care and God bless.
    I Love you Brandi, mom

  6. Who knew "chief tender hands" could slay with the best of them! (for those former Nica goers- Josh & Michael. Sorry to reveal your former nickname :) Way to go Josh! Sniffle, sniffle... you are making the Surratt family proud!!

    I must say... I am so proud of all of you. I know I don't know many of you- but I know what you are experiencing to some degree. It's hard travel, hard work, long days- but the payoff is unlike no other. You think you are going on this mission to pour out blessings over these people- and for sure you are. But, the blessing YOU receive is far greater! Every time I go on a trip, God shows me a part of myself I didn't know He created. It's that compassion and love you have for a complete stranger. I encourage each of you to soak up every minute of what God is doing. Not only in those around you - but in yourself as well. In a few weeks, you will long to be right where you are right now- without distractions, without the responsibilities of your daily life. Be still, quiet and allow your spirit to hear what God is saying. Seize every opportunity to love like you've never loved before. Pray that God would allow you to see the people you are serving through His eyes. And know- that one day when you walk through the gates of heaven- hundreds of people will be there because of your sacrifice to serve.
    My heart longs to be with you all!
    Blessings to all of you. You are making a HUGE difference for the Kingdom!
    Lots of love to my hubby! Miss you tons!
    Lisa & Miles :) ps- Hey Da..ddy!

  7. We continue to think of you and pray that you are staying heathy.It is so exciting to open up the Blog each morning and read the new entries. Mason, bring me some recipes. Sending more hugs today. Mama Hicks

  8. I can only imagine that each day brings exhiliration AND exhaustion so here are a few famous quotes to sustain you....

    Winston Churchill: "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

    Maya Angelou: "I have found among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."

    John D. Rockefeller, Jr: "Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege."

    Barbara Bush: "Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others."

    Albert Einstein: "It is every man's obligation to putback into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it."

    I hope these words inspire and carry you all through your last few days!

    Jessica, we love you so much and think of you every day. Stay strong and be well, sweetheart!
    (and on a lighter note, Kris and Adam are the final two on American Idol!) All our love! Mom and Dad

  9. That is so funny, I remember "chief tender hands":)
    I guess you all are gearing up for your last day of clinic. May God give you all endurance and encouragement. I know you have all worked hard, but I pray that you will be able to see and treat each patient with the same enthusiasm as you did the first day.
    Praying for you all and missing you(Michael).
    Much love, Kristen and Seven

    p.s. Seven says,"Daddy, miss you..."

  10. Thank you all so much for the blog each day, I love reading what is happening everyday with the mission group. I pray every morning and night for each one of you. You will be so blessed by this experience. Brandon and Jena I miss you so much, I am so proud of both of you and the rest of the group. Take care and know that I am praying for all of you!

  11. I remember treating the older lady sitting in triage who is wearing the pink skirt and floral top when we were there in 2007! She has not changed! Makes me wish I were there too!
    J. David Carson, M.D.

  12. It is great reading all of these comments and just reading how much everyone is supporting the great work that is being done. Tell the guys that their picture of the blesbok reminded me of Don Braddocks pic just like that and I asked if it was real....he ask me did i think he went hunting in a petting zoo....same pic; same pose....amazing how alive they look! May you all be blessed for your hard work and love and compassion that is being shared...hugs, geneva (miss you amber)

  13. Wow, what a week for you all. I am sure you are exhausted but realizing it really is difficult to think of leaving all these needs behind. I hope another group will be in soon to continue your work. Knowing that you have ministered to so many and helped with so many medical needs has to be rewarding. You all are a great tribute to what God's love is all about. Thanks for giving of yourself in serving the Lord and his people. You have my prayers for God's blessing in your lives. Tell Erin and Jason I miss them and can't wait to talk to them.