Monday, May 11, 2009

5am is time to go!

It's 5:45am here, and we're sweaty thanks to Jena leading Tae Bo for us... The moon is setting over the mountain and I can't resist one more slow photograph- everything I see in every direction reminds me of the immensity and grandeur of God. Today our task is sharing that with everyone, especially the Africans, whom God so dearly loves.


  1. Mason, We are constantly thinking what a great experience for all of you. Great Blog! Friends ask constantly about the mission trip. Focus on each individual (slow down and actually see them). We got your message and it was great to hear your voice. I have you covered. Prayers to all of you.
    In Christ love, Dad

  2. Annelise, Hello...I am so happy for you and all of the team. I cannot imagine what an enlightening experience this is for you all. The pic of the sunrise over the mountain is gorgeous. What a beautiful sight to wake up to. Keep up the good works and thanks sooo much for the Mother's Day call. I saved the message, big suprise, huh? God Bless. Love, the Momma

  3. Thanks for the blogs,it is great being able to keep up with what you guys are doing. It's great that Jena is able to share some of her Tae Bo experience with you guys also,that girl loves to stay in shape,Brandon does too, she just keeps it to herself.You guys keep sharing Christ's love to all.As always keep an eye on them two girls of mine,Brandon and Jena,love you two, there Daddy