Friday, May 15, 2009

Sniping, Smuggling, and Star Gazing

“I’ll tell you one thing….they’re a load better than the bloke’s!”

The day after the men protected South Africa from the overpopulation of blesbok, the women decided to try their inexperienced hands at hunting. Jamie “One-Shot” Rudisill, Jessica “Sniper” Casmer, Kimberly Jones, Susan Gray, and Meg Maddox took down four impala and one blesbok with just 7 bullets. –MEG

News break: Church team smuggles drugs across border.

Today we had an amazing opportunity to journey to Swaziland! We smuggled our medicine and all of our team members through customs and immigration without being searched. This was definitely an answer to our prayers! We partnered with Children’s Cup ( today to provide medical care to several communities in Swaziland. Children’s Cup was founded 18 years ago to help orphans in the community and now has 22 locations in Swaziland alone, along with over 100 in Zimbabwe. Healing Place Church of Baton Rouge, LA, a sister church to Seacoast, has a satellite campus in Swaziland that has partnered with Children’s Cup. They provide food, basic education, life skills training, and basic medical care for the orphans at their many “care points.” Forty-three percent of the population of Swaziland is HIV+, making it the highest rate in the world. This organization has reached out to the children orphaned by this epidemic. We had two different clinic sites where we saw over 350 patients, many of whom were orphans, and nearly 100 people gave their lives to the Lord. God has surely blessed our team with so much, and it was amazing to pour out our blessings on these communities.

Michael Overcash, our resident astrophysicist, enlightened us tonight with stellar knowledge (pun intended). We laid under the stars and gazed at Anteres, Saturn, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, the Southern Cross, the Milky Way, black holes, and a few stellar shooting stars. We guarantee that we’ll never be able to point out these stellar stars to anybody again. Michael also brought a few light sabers for us to point out the stellar stars; clearly some people never grow up!

Today we saw our last African patients. It was definitely bittersweet. We feel like we’ve made a huge impact on the lives of the people here, but the blessings they have given us are far greater than we could have ever imagined.

Thanks to everybody who is praying for us. We can’t wait to share our stories when we return. Ya might wanna keep prayin…safari time tomorrow. And we hear the lions are hungry.

[Amber, Amanda, Brittany]


  1. I've really enjoyed reading about all of your activities this week. You certainly have had some unique experiences! Thanks so much for taking the time to update the blog daily, as I know you're probably exhausted by day's end! Have a wonderful trip on your safari tomorrow. Keep those windows closed!! May God continue to bless you tomorrow and on your return home.

    Sue & Wayne

    P.S. Speaking of hungry lions - you might want to ask Katie H. about the bear story in our town!

  2. Great shot, Susan. I enjoyed seeing the impala horns on Memorial Day. It looks like your group blessed the people of South Africa in the name of Christ. Congratulations on your fine service and your safe return.

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