Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One year later..........

A testimony to God's plan by Meg Maddox - South Africa team member '08 & '09-

One year ago God started working on my heart and calling me to be a dentist. Today I pulled my first wisdom tooth, fixed a little boy with meseodents (an extra front tooth), pulled countless molars, and even worked my way through breaking my first, and fortunately only, tooth. I think God knew my limits and blessed the day with beautiful whole teeth coming out the rest of the time. I just wanted to share with you how God worked on my heart, and used this trip not only to bless the patients but also to change my entire future. I'm sure all of your loved ones are being shaped by God right now, and I can't wait to see the fruit of these changes.

One year ago I sat on a plywood bed on Prayer Mountain, desperately trying to make a cell phone work so I could call my brother, Matt, and congratulate him for graduating from dental school. I missed his graduation to go half way around the world and follow a call to serve God laid on my heart. I have zero medical training and feared I would not be much help, but I trusted God and boarded the plane anyway. After 17 dialing attempts the call miraculously went through. I talked in length with my brother that night about the desperate need for dental care in this community, and how much it broke my heart not to be able to give that to them. Of course I never had myself in mind, frankly I thought teeth were pretty boring. I thought God wanted me to talk him, or some other dentist into coming here. But God had very different plans.

I returned to the states with a broken heart and a clear vision of a need that needed to be filled, but remained blind to who would be filling that need. One week later I found myself in a dental office on a shadowing appointment my brother set up. He talked me into spending one day with a dentist just to rule out the possibility that it was me God was calling. I was nervous, knew nothing about dentistry and had no idea what to expect. But I guess God's will wouldn't be as exciting if we knew all His plans. After what turned out to be one of the best days I've ever spent with a professional; again God used my brother as a tool to keep me moving. Running an errand with him, we ran into a dentist who was leaving for a dental mission trip to Haiti in 10 days. Out of nowhere, having never met me before, he offered to pay my way if I would just show up at the airport. Doors were opening, so I shut my eyes, said "God, I'm trusting you." and started moving forward. It has been 365 days since God first started working on me, and today with the help of our amazing dentist Chris, I know without a shadow of doubt that I've found God's plan for my life. Nothing can replace the feeling of knowing you're doing what you were created to do. One year ago, I said yes to getting on a plane to South Africa and my future was rocked. This year 37 of us said yes to that same request, and I know God has big things in store for all of us. Here's to the next 365 days!

God Bless!

Meg Maddox


  1. Hi! I am Annelise's dad and that is an increditable happening! Annelise is a great and loving daughter, and I can only hope she has as moving experience as you. Your future seems destined! God Bless, DTE.

  2. Tonight I am a super proud big brother...look at my little sis with that elevator! God is great!

  3. Mason's Dad said, Meg, what a great lesson in our daily struggles and your faith/trust to find what God wants. You are a blessing, comfort, and hope to those of us still running. Christ's Blessings to all of you.

    Mason's Dad

    PS. I will think of you and your group as I go to the Dentist this morning.

  4. Meg, What a beautiful story you have brought to us on a rainy Wednesday morning. Thnak you for reminding us of God's call to each of us everyday . Hugs from Mama Hicks

  5. Meg,
    You have always been our little warrior. Now I know why God made you that way, to fight through all the things that keep us from walking through doors God opens for us. As your parents it has been a challenge and a joy to have you in our lives. You challenge the wrong and right of life and you bring joy to all that take the time to really know and love you. We are so proud to call you our daughter and a child of Christ.

  6. Hi.
    It is us again, just to let you know there is a grey greyhound that really misses you. I let him sleep in the room with us last night and that seemed to cheer him up but he needs his Meg. He loves you so much!