Sunday, May 10, 2009

Horses, Zebras, and Four Wheelers, OH MY!

We started our Sunday off at Pastor Selby's church in Badplass with dancing, singing, and congo lines! The spirit of the South Africans is second to none and definitely contagious, even for those of us with no rhythm. Josh, a Seacoast pastor and member of our team, had the honor of delivering the message and blessing the congregation with the same blessing that we hear every week at Seacoast. It was awesome to see God working through cultural and language barriers. We were in awe of their hospitality and immediately made to feel welcome and at home in their church.

Following church, we went to Adventura Resort where we had the option of riding horses or four wheelers ("quads") through the bush! We saw a plethora of wildlife...zebras, wildebeasts, elands, impala, and ant hills the size of a small child. It was breathtaking to be in the midst of God's creation. The tour guide's bandaged head made us a little leary, but we all survived with no major injuries.

We capped off the day with a hot meal with our new friends from the Cape...Cape Town and Cape Cod! Please pray for us tomorrow that we have the strength and endurance we need to make it through our first full clinic day.

Love and miss you!

(Amanda, Brittany, and Amber)


  1. We enjoyed hearing about your Sunday activities. I'm jealous over those that got to ride horses!
    You all were in our prayers at church this morning and everyone said to say hello to Katie
    (Hurliman), our daughter. Many of our members supported her with monetary donations or with eyeglasses.

    We look forward to hearing about each day's activities and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    As a side note - tell Katie that the St. Louis Cardinals won 8 - 7 in 10 innings on Sunday!

  2. It was a great surprise to get my phone call today. Just from the excitement in your voice I could put at ease any worries I may have had and know God has his arms around you to keep you safe. Can't wait to see all the pictures when you get back and hear more of the wonderful things taking place. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers,good luck tomorow with the clinics. We love you Brandi! {Brandi Eaton's mom}

  3. Mason, I have passed the team progress to many prayer warriors. Remember solidarity with each person you talk to, treat, or work along side, act as Christ might, look them in the eye and talk with them. Anything else is extra. It's your being there that matters. Love Dad
    PS> how is Jamie doing?