Saturday, May 16, 2009

a lot to think about

It's a little past midnight here - tomorrow we'll debrief, prepare our supplies to donate to local ministries (one of the orphan girls, Delsile, received a laptop!), and bounce down the ridiculous dirt road toward the airport.
In my mind is a stream of indelible images of malnourished bloated-bellied children whom I held in my hands and loved with my heart. The world has forgotten them but I never will: chalky-dry smiles, sneakers rotting off their feet, a stoic affect as I tell them they have AIDS...
I close my eyes and imagine Haley suturing an elderly woman's shoulder; Chad shaking his head as another child reveals a story of abuse; Epps holding a girls hand as they pray;

I have a lot to think about on the flight home.


  1. What does a father say when he is so proud of his son, and in this case.......all of you. I am so excited, relieved, touched by your experiences, and envious of your spirit. The internet is a powerful tool to allow those of us at home to connect in a special way with each of you. Have a safe trip home. Remember those green pastures and still waters as you return home to your daily routines and active lives. You are blessed, you are loved. Mason's Dad.

  2. I am in awe of the amazing strength all of you have shown. I'm proud of all the work you've done and lives you've changed. To hear also what God has done in you is incredible. We serve one who is so faithful and I know you have seen that over and over. I cannot wait to have my Amanda home as I know Africa and God's work there has foever changed her and all of you. Bless you with safety and rest as your return.

    Dee (Amanda's Mom)

  3. It has been nearly impossible to read each and every blog without a lump in my throat or tears in my eyes. I cannot even imagine how each of you have been forever touched. What strength, courage, and selflessness you all possess! We pray for your safe travels back home to all who love and adore you! Jessica, we are counting the hours to talk to you. We so much want to be at the airport to greet you but we know you are quickly heading back to Camden. We have been with you every step of the way on this incredible journey and are so anxious for you to come home. We love you so very much and are so proud of you! Always and forever, Mom and Dad