Friday, May 15, 2009

Our last day in Badplaas

This is actually the blog from yesterday (thursday), but South Africa is not too internet-friendly , so we're a bit slow in uploading. We're heading out now to go look at the Milky Way (no big deal), but we promise to write again tonight about our amazing trip to Swaziland today!

We’re too exhausted for creativity tonight, but Heaven has a few more Impala and Blesboak tonight. Girls hunted. Killed animals. Blood was shed.

Today was our last clinic in Badplaas today, so we saw every possible patient we could. When we showed up at 8am, there was already a line out the door. There were a lot of tough situations, but God’s face shined with each smile as people accepted Christ. It was amazing!

Pastors Josh Surratt and Jason Metcalf concluded their two day pastor’s workshop, where pastors were encouraged in their ministry. We were able to empathize with the struggles of our calling, pray with each other, and bless the South African pastors with encouragement for their ministry.

We’ve encountered some intense spiritual warfare each day in the clinic. There are many cults in the area that pose as churches, claiming to be Christians while worshiping other gods and people. We’ve had the opportunity to lead several members of these churches into the real truth of the Gospel and teach them about the one true God. Members of these cults wear bracelets to identify themselves as a part of that “church”. Today, we were able to literally “break those chains” as we cut off their bracelets after being led to the real Truth.


  1. War on team! My prayers for continued strength and courage in the face of every obstacle are with you. You are doing and amazing work of God and I pray some time of refreshing for you. Looking forward to your homecoming ...yet I know you will leave behind so much. Great team all are such a light in a dark world....Bless you and I love you my precious Amanda!

    Dee (Amanda's mom)

  2. Hello Sissy: I can only imagine what a 10 days it has been. Well not actually! But I am sure with your energy and enthusiasm your holding up just fine,and I know you and many others have left "your mark" as well as the people of Badplass has left their mark on many hearts and futures of everyone. Hope everyone had an experience of a lifetime on the safari and the entire trip. Again, I cannot explain how proud I am of you and the team. God Bless all of the team and the people of Badplass. Everyone have a safe and reflective trip home. I LOVE YOU, DAD.

  3. Hey All, This is Philip Linder, Gabrielle's dad. Please know of my love and daily prayers for the team and your great work in the name of Jesus. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral prayed for you in the Prayers of the People this past Sunday and will again this Sunday. God bless you and be safe.

  4. Hi Wees,
    By now the sun should be up there and you all will be off on a SAFARI! That is awesome. I can't imagine what you have experienced over the past 10 days. Have a great time and I can't wait for you to be home and hear about all of your triumphs. You all should be very proud and Safe Travels to everyone. God Speed and thank you all for the good work you have done. Love, Mom

  5. Mason's Dad said....
    Everyone of you, even the most experienced, have overloaded shoulders, minds, and most of all emotional hearts. I pray that you can keep pace in Swaziland. Encourage each other to rest. Please, rest yourselves. Do not let your guard down. Our friends and our Church community are praying for your safety, spiritual armor, and your compassion. Reread the 23rd psalm, verses 1 & 2. See all of you soon, In Christ's Love, Mason's Dad

  6. "Well done, good and faithful servants..." You should all be very proud, yet you must be feeling incredibly humbled and exhausted. Rest well on your trip home, all....I am sure it will be a time to decompress as well. Jessica, we are counting the hours to hear your voice again! Anxiously waiting for caller ID to show "Jessica's cell" as an incoming call! We are waiting for you with open arms.....all our love to you! Mom, Dad, and Alex