Sunday, May 17, 2009


Thank you everyone for all your prayers: we are at the airport now, and everyone made it through security just fine. We are shopping in the airport until we board in a few hours. Some amazing answered prayers? The entire team is well; hundreds of people accepted Christ; over a thousand patients received medical/spiritual/dental/surgical/vision care; and all of us are closer to God, with a broader perspective on this world.
This morning we had a glorious mountaintop Sunday service in front of the cliffs - Josh and Jason preached, and we heard testimonies from Jess, Katie, Kelly, Tamara, David, and Brittany.
On the bus, your comments on this blog were read aloud to the amusement and embarrassment of all (we now know who "Sissy" and "little Weesie" is).

A the last moment we took a group pic in front of the cross. Now, we covet your prayers for a safe flight, clearing customs with all our medicine intact, and most of all that we will be able to continue the mission by sharing our experiences with those at home. See you tomorrow!


  1. To all: Be safe and get some well deserved rest. Annelise, sorry you got embarrassed by the "Wees" thing. Blame your brother. Love you. Mom
    God Speed

  2. Hope you guys/gals don't have any more paperwork problems on your flight home??? Be safe and just wanted to say thanks again for all your compassion toward others.

    Chris Keenan

  3. What a photo, what scenery! I am proud of all of the team as many other parents or significant others are. I wonder how many will take the trip again? Sissy/Weesie you've been exposed, SORRY. I could not help but notice the twinkle in your eye and smile in every pic. God Bless a safe trip home, and when you have the energy aka. jet lag, call please. I Love YOU WEESIE, DAD.

  4. Hope you guys have a safe trip back,Love you Brandon and Jena,will be at the airport when you get back,can't wait to see you,love Daddy

  5. be safe travel and Thank you so much for all youe compassion towards others.
    I love you!!! mitamin C