Monday, May 11, 2009

All Day Clinic

Good morning! It's 7am here and we've been up since 5am preparing physically and spiritually for the day. Sunrise was breathtaking. In minutes we'll be on our bus and bouncing to the clinic...By the time you read this in the morning it will be afternoon here, and we'll be 1/2-way thru our first "real" clinic for the locals. The most needy and most ill have been sought and brought to us. Please pray that we will be God's hands to bless and care for them, and that their hearts will be open to receive the Lord and all he has to offer them.
Thank you everyone for all your encouraging comments - keep them coming. The team members say it's "like getting mail at camp", and quite appreciated. God Bless,


  1. God's blessing on all of you during your busy day. I will be praying for the success of your clinic - God is amazing when He can work through a team like your group. Please let Brittany know that Sophie is spoiled rotten now but in good hands. Thanks for the blog posting!

  2. You guys keep up the good work,and keep spreading the word of Jesus Christ to those people.Christ will use you guys to do the healing for the sick over there.May Jesus Christ be with each and everyone of you.Tell Brandon and Jena I send my love.Thanks,there Daddy.

  3. AMANDA PRILLAMAN! Please don't get trampled by wildebeests while your saving people in South Africa- or any other large animal (small animals are fine...)
    I'm so pumped hearing what's going on over there and will keep on praying for the team! Can't wait to hear more!

  4. So excited to read the blog each day - it's the next best thing to being there, experiencing the adventures and wonderment of God's work. Rest well, all, and make wonderful memories. Jessica, thank you so much for the wonderful Mother's Day card. You are MY hero, darlin'! Dad, Alex and I send all our love to you!